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Grafficking spam, icon spam, crazy fangirl spam..and spam all around, really.
( AvantGeeks at your door! )
.Cel's corner

There's nothing much to say. I make graphics. I'm mutually obsessed with Rukia, photoshop and Purple.I enjoy colouring from time to time, if you have requests I'm quite willing to take them.

Lets end this rather awkward introduction with the terms of use:

Do not hotlink. Credit. Comment..in that order. Thank you very much for visiting.
.Strawberries_85's corner
Procrastinator, music lover, poor, lazy student and "that weirdo" rolled into one. What else if there to say? Let the graphics speak for themselves.
Don't hotlink, seriously. Credit not particularly necessary - but link back to the comm maybe? Do not modify icons, colourings, banners or resources without permission. Text-free icons are not bases.

Thank you for visiting, hope you like our work. :)
.aentee's corner

Aentee firmly believes that it's ok for Bleach icons to be sparkly and girly ♥ She also believes in light texture abuse and selective colouring. While she tends to make Bleach and shoujo icons, there may the occasional foray into other fandoms.

- Credit is not mandatory, unless the icon was a collab with Cel or Kitty :D
- Comment not necessary either, but it makes her happy ♥
- Don't modify without permission.
- Please don't hotlink!
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